Sony is a well-known company if we talk about Camera apps its user interface everything we talk about its just awesome. Sony Apps take Sony Smartphone to the next level for example if you need a personal trainee you got in your phone as LIFELOG App. It’s Best for Photographer those who love to shoot Sony Sketch, AR Effect, and Movie Creator Apps help them to Create Snap professionally. And those who love games Sony provide them PS4 REMOTE PLAY as App so you can enjoy your Ps4 Games on your smartphone. Even now Sony Apps allows everyone to Download These apps for free on Google Play Store. Today we are also talking about Top 5 Best Sony Apps on Google Play Store.



Sony Apps

If you are looking for a personal trainee who can take care of all you activities even you sleep, Sony Apps presents LIFELOG, Best App that tracks you’re all activities whole day and the night as well. If your aim is to look Beautiful, Smart, and Healthy LIFELOG is the App that helps you to achieve your goal. It also helps you to look back on any Day to see how active you were, where you went and how you got there.


Sony Apps

Sony Apps presents BACKGROUND DEFOCUS the Best App for Photographers because its Let the object in Focus Stand out. You can capture two photos with different Focus Settings, Which you can bring together to create a photo with one object in sharp Focus, against beautifully blurred Background. For the Best Results please focus on an object and hold camera steady.


Sony Apps

Sony Apps presents another great App Movie Creator automatically create Short movies of your latest photos and videos. Movie Creator Highlight movie will be automatically created after taking photos and videos. You can create your own movie contents manually; even you can export your highlight movie as a video file (MP4) for Sharing, it allows you to Edit Title Remove Unwanted Scene or adds your favorite background music.  


Sony Apps

It’s also another great app for Camera lover those who loved to snap a lot here is another Sony Apps invention Timeshift Brust app from Sony. Timeshift Brust so intelligent that is capture 61 photos within just 2 seconds starting quickly even before you press the Camera key. Timeshift Brust is a perfect app for an action shot of moving subject. You can save individually images from Timeshift Brust viewer save separately and Share with friends.


Sony Apps

Sony Apps presents AR EFFECT,  AR (Augmented Reality) effects to your pictures and videos take pictures and videos with virtual Scenes and Characters. But this app is not for every phone. Because its app extension so it does not support every mobile but you can try your luck. This app will make photos more beautiful With pre-loaded themes you can create pictures with growling dinosaurs, have fairies walk on your desk, attach masks to your friends’ faces, and much more.