Samsung gave “phablets” their standard presentation with the first Samsung Galaxy Note, four years back. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 incorporates an extraordinary stylus, and the majority of Samsung’s conventional traps. Presently, every top of the line cell phone is drawing closer the “phablet” classification. Just being enormous is no more adequate.


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 design

Recently, Samsung truly required a design change and accomplished as Samsung Galaxy S6 which has a smooth configuration. The Note 5 follows that path.
When you’re holding the telephone it feels like a luxury bit of gems. Metal accents, back and front glasses along with the marginally bended sides give the gadget a premium feel we craved for. But, that has a significant value.
Glass is a great degree tricky to hold but looks really cool. Coupled with the slippery grip, the phone is huge and to avoid fear of dropping it you would need to put a casing on it.

The phone incorporates the newly designed S Pen. In past Note gadgets, there was a little pocket of space on the phablet’s back to permit you to slide out the S Pen. The S Pen accompanying Note 5 is totally flushed with the phablet. You push on the S Pen to get it out and it will spring out to use. It’s extremely cool, yet has seen a fair share of critics blame.


The display provides excellent viewing angles super bright colors which are vivid and vibrant. You get no issues in reading from the display of the phone in splendid daylight. A few individuals don’t like for the immersed shades of an AMOLED LED, yet fortunately you can set that with the helpful “Screen mode” settings. Only complaint with the display would be the automatic brightness setting as it doesn’t function extremely well. The display is reliably on the upper end of brightness bar and in some cases you would need to flip the setting bar to motivate it to modify accurately.


What’s to a great degree irritating is that a gadget with 4GB of RAM still confronts Software Problems regardless of the way that it enhances multitasking to an entire new level. The Note 5 is fuelled by the same Exynos 7420 processor as the Galaxy S6. The Galaxy S6 was a smart gadget, and the Note 5 is similarly as brisk. The gadget has a decent RAM however at the same time it feels like the OS is keeping it down.

In the wake of utilizing the gadget for two or three weeks, it can be said that it’s the speediest gadget available till date. Still, it’s a doubt whether it will remain this way. The Galaxy S6 was likewise a fast gadget when it was initially released, yet after some time clients began to see extensive slack. Ideally, the Note 5 does not see a comparative destruction.

Sound Quality:

Samsung is staying with their one iPhone like speaker on the telephone’s base while different makers are receiving double stereo speakers. The sound is direct yet the arrangement is not perfect. Holding the gadget typically or propping it up on your mid-section can shut out sound totally. Samsung truly needs to put more exertion into this.

Fingerprint Scanner:

It comprises of the comparable S6 scanner yet is impressively enhanced from the particular one that appeared on S5. It’s solid and speedy, yet incidentally it will decline to recall your finger print. 9 times out of 10 it works perfectly, yet that tenth time is extremely irritating when you simply need to rapidly check something.

What’s missing:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6 comprised of an IR blaster which was put to use to control the TV and other media gadgets. For no good reason, the Note 5 doesn’t have an IR blaster.

S Pen:


The main thing that makes Note what it is its fantastic Stylus called as the S Pen. The S Pen is a delight to utilize. There’s not a considerable measure of rivalry for gadgets with styluses nowadays, however in the event that they were positive Samsung would have won.
Samsung makes an awesome showing that the S Pen has a craving for something you really need to utilize. The latest clicky end makes the S Pen feel more like a real pen, regardless of the fact that clicking it is doesn’t really do anything.
The genuine magic showcases when you slide out the S Pen. Contingent upon what’s going on the screen, a couple of diverse things can happen. In case that the display is killed you’ll see the new “Screen off update.” This is a convenient approach to rapidly take a note and moving on with what you were doing.
In the event that the display is turned on you’ll see the a blur background and “Air charge” will pop-up which allows you speedy access a couple S Pen alternate ways, your own particular most loved applications and to your Note in general. You can likewise get to Air charge by tapping the button on your S Pen.
It’s anything but difficult to highlight content, look on website pages, and float over connections or media to see more data. The S Pen is without a doubt something you’ll need to utilize.
The one drawback to the S Pen is a shortcoming of Samsung’s phone outline. You can utilize the S Pen to tap the Multitasking buttons, yet it feels truly unnatural to utilize the S Pen to press the physical home button.



It is level out the best camera existing on the gadget. Camera is still as wonderful just as it was on the Samsung’s Galaxy S6. For the back, it utilizes a classic Sony IMX240 sensor. It’s the same sensor that was utilized on the Galaxy Note 4 which highlights a bigger aperture f/1.9 while the Note 5 is furnished with a 16MP main camera. It is likewise furnished with new optical picture adjustment (OIS) that makes the Note 5 an amazingly adaptable shooter, even in low lighting conditions.

Samsung has also done a great job with the camera software as the phone supports tracking auto-focus to keep moving subjects in focus. Voice commands for the shutter coupled with a Pro mode for those that want better control of the Shutter Speed, ISO, white balance and exposure. The camera can be dispatched from anyplace and has a basic interface that everybody can utilize.


The battery though is smaller than the Note 4 and has a limit of 3,000 mAh battery. In any case, the battery test proposes that Note 5 scored superior to its forerunner. Commonly the gadget falls off the charger at 8 am and by 9/10 pm it’s left with 15%. This is unquestionably not poor by any not great by any stretch of imagination. However, the bright light is that the Note 5 backs quick charging. You can get enough battery to complete the day just by connecting it to for less than 30 minutes.


Let’s talk about TouchWiz. The complains regarding Samsung’s software used to be famously terrible thus far reaching that Samsung was essentially compelled to make a move. Surprisingly they have enormously enhanced the experience, yet regardless it needs a lot of improvement.

They removed a lot of needless stuff to slim it down but yet left a lot of fat. You will have to disable probably 20 odd applications before commencing the normal use.

The application drawer doesn’t naturally sort out applications sequentially. New applications are constantly added to the rundown’s end, and in the event that you uninstall an application it leaves that spot clear.

Some of the Samsung’s special features are as follows:

Brilliant Alert – Alerts for missed calls or messages
Multi-view – Use two applications in the meantime
Brilliant Stay – Prevents display from resting while you’re taking a look at the screen.
Flip to mute– Put your gadget down to rapidly quiet it when accepting a call.
S Finder – Record a contact on your gadget coupled with one stop search.
Notification Reminder – Reminds you after every second to make a move on previous notification.


The real thought of upgrading from Note 4 is a difficult one because majority are sticking with Note 4 and are very local about them. The best thing to do for now is just throw the comparisons out of the window and admire the phone for what it truly is. It is a beautiful gadget with a sleek and stylish design. The display quality is magnificent. The phone might be missing a few things but it’s without a glimmer of a doubt the best phone Samsung has manufactured.

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