You all would have been worried about the battery and charging problems that we usually face. Solution is here! You don’t need to plug your Android Smartphone and put it overnight on charging as there are chances that your battery might run out or get damaged.

If you are using a friendly android phone, like Nexus 6, Nexus 7 (2013), LG G3 or Samsung Galaxy S6, you should go for some tremendous and more reliable ways of charging your precious and dear phones. For this, this wireless charging method is the best method that you should make a go for.The Nexus 6 offers built-in wireless charging support

If your Android phone is listed in the wireless charging standard called Qi, you can go for this tremendous trick to get your phone charged wirelessly. The handsets that are included in the standard list are the ones who have a built-in Qi support program while the rest of the devices can be made compatible with the adapter. Check out the further wants and implementations that your device should have and go for.

Wireless Chargers:

You don’t need to worry about the shapes of the wireless chargers because they come in almost every shape matching to your phones from docks that plug into a wall outlet to mats that work out of a USB socket. All these chargers are not only shape friendly, but are budget friendly as well. The thing that you need to worry about is that your device should be Qi compatible.The Tylt dock

For charging your phone through the wireless charger, you need to connect your wireless charger to a power source and connect your phone with the wireless charger. It is not that matching to the mark or directly charging your phone from the power source but still it is much more convenient.

Sometimes, the microUSB socket has to bear some sort of harsh effects but using the wireless chargers, you could get better with your phone by not removing and plugging the cable into the phone when your phone needs to be charged. Isn’t it convenient enough?

Charging your phone:

See the picture. The charger is called VU wireless charger from Tylt. Your phone when connected to such a charger is positioned in the landscape or portrait mode, a 45 degree angle is what it makes with the horizontal surface below. This gives you a better view of the device when you want to use it while charging.wireless charger plugged

Follow the procedure:

  • Place your Android phone on the dock.
  • After a few minutes the battery level should start rising; a sign of charging up.
  • You do not need to do any additional settings to configure such a charger.
  • Your phone will automatically detect the charger and thus will charge your phone.

Everything related to Android Lollipop feature gadgets and its charging will work at its normal. You have just added a convenient way to charge your phone without a cable. This is obviously a healthier way to charge up your phone.


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