Free Wifi Spots - InstabridgeAs technology becomes so advance and since a lot of the population has smartphone that allows access to internet through Wi-Fi or mobile data while you are on the go. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had an app that allows you free access to internet all the time? Wouldn’t it be even more amazing if you had the passwords to secure or password protected internet connections as well? That is exactly what instabridge has to offer. You can access Wi-Fi network whenever you ant through instabridge.

With more than 3 million connections from the major cities across the world there is absolutely no shortage of hotspots to connect. Millions and thousands of Wi-Fi networks are added daily. Instabridge users upload the connections helping you elude password protected networks. As the app rises in popularity there will be more addition in the networks list. This app is really building an amazing bridge to the area of free internet even when it is password protected.Free Wifi Spots 1 Free Wifi Spots 2

This app sends in notifications when you are near a listed Wi-Fi hotspot or you can get an overview of the entire city’s hotspots. With instabridge, your data charges may drop dramatically over night. You can even upload your own hotspot if you want to be kind and generous however you have to be aware of what people do with your internet connection. This app is perfect if you want to get free internet on your android. Smartphone have a lot of benefits and this is one of them you get to connect with other Wi-Fi’s for free and always. I am pretty sure you will absolutely love this app if you have a good smartphone that has the latest operating system even an older operating system would work.


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