One of the amazing things about android is the fact that you can choose core parts of it according to your own choice. You can choose from wide range of keyboards, messaging apps and the launcher itself. Third party launchers for android are just way too amazing and will make you fall in love with them. Apps like Action launcher, Go launcher and Nova launcher are very powerful. You get to do things in a very different way through these creative and innovative android launchers. These third part launchers work perfect with the lollipop version of android operating system.

In this round up we will tell you about a simple procedure on how to change the launcher in lollipop version of android.home_settings

  1. Install the third party launcher from the Google PlayStore in fact go for as many as you want.
  2. Go to your home button and tap and choose from the launchers that you have. If you want to use it just once you will see an option and if you want to keep it that way for long then go for the ‘ Always’ option.
  3. To choose a different default move to the settings and then home and go pick from the list.
  4. To clear the defaults and get a choice again go to settings then apps and find the lists of entries for the launcher that you have set then tap the app setting and clear the defaults of the launcher.

This is a rather simple way to change the launcher in your android phone quite easily I am sure you have had a great and an easy time using a third party launcher on your android it is a great experience indeed.


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