If you have been an avid user of iPod, iPad or an iPhone then you will have majority of your music collection in your itunes store and if you are thinking of moving on to android then you must be worried about the amazing collection of music that you have in your iTunes store which you have collected over the years. Now you really do not have to worry about it we have a procedure to guide you regarding how you could transfer your music from iTunes to android.

Manually transferring the files:

THE OLD DRAG AND DROP METHOD. This method is old fashioned but works perfectly fine. Do not be ousted by the looks of it. It is quite easy. All you need is the micro USB cable for your device also if you are using Mac you will need to have the Android File Transfer app installed in the Macbook.

On a Mac you’ll find it in Music>iTunes>iTunes Media. On Windows a good place to start is My Music>iTunes.

With your android device plugged in you should be fine with the drag and drop music file option. It works properly but it is not a very decent or an elegant way to transfer music.Manually transferring the files

AirDroid File Sync:

If you want to upgrade your drag and drop option the fastest way to do so is through AirDroid. There are plenty of features with this desktop application so that you can easily manage your mobile device without having to pick it up. One of those features is the wireless file transfer. AirDroid allows you to choose your music files so that you could upload them and pull them back later while using the application on your phone. This method however can get a little hasty if you have a jumbo music collection but it is good enough for people with a few albums moreover if you are downloading large music files from the album rips or huge podcasts you will reach the size limit for air droid free version. The upgrade to premium is just for 1.99$ and allows around 1 GB of transfer.AirDroid

You need to choose or select the files from the AirDroid and wait until the application tells you that the file has been uploaded then open Airdroid on your phone and just tap all the files to download on your phone. Once all those files are in your phone. Your music app will be able to play them whenever you want.

Using double twist:

Double twist has been in the market for a lot of years and it is one of the finest way to interface between iTunes and Android. The basic application is free to download. You need to support USB by physically connecting your device.

The double twist desktop application looks much a like a stripped back version of iTunes. The sidebar located on the left lists down all the content such as photos and videos on both your device and your computer.DoubleTwist for PC

  1. You need to highlight the tracks and albums that you want to drag and copy to the side bar and drop them on the top of your device.
  2. You can also use the sync settings to sync all your music or just the selected music or playlist.

The amazingness of this device is the fact that you being given and end-to-end solution. It is an amazing music player and the desktop client gives you enough options to make it easy for you to carry on using it with your iTune. If you also have an apple TV you can connect this with your Apple TV and enjoy music directly from Android Device.


If you are up for the fastest way to get your music from iTunes to Android without any real considerations the people who developed iSyncr have exactly what you want. The setup is really very simple and supports USB transfer. All you have to do is install the Android application grab the desktop companion and connect the USB cable and enter the IP address.

This iSyncr android app for transfer of music from iTunes to apple comes in pro and LTE versions and the pro version can be upgraded to $4.99 and it gives you accesses to things such as multiple iTunes account.iSyncr iTunes for Android

There is a darker side to double twist as well especially if you are someone who likes a casual shift from apple to Android. Now you can easily transfer music files from iTunes to Android through various methods mentioned above. We have also mentioned a few applications in this round up that will help you transfer music from iTunes to android. Go ahead and enjoy your android experience without losing your music.



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