We all have made videos of our favorite and memorable moments and we want to share them on our social networking websites. Sometimes the moments might be precious but it has some uneccassery moments which you want to delete, trim and add some final touches to it. We have some best video editing apps for android of 2017 for you.

1. VidTrim – Video Editor:

This is a video organizer and editor for android. When you open this application you will see a list of videos available on your device. Then you need to select the video you want to edit and you will be taken to the page that offers all those amazing services including frame rate, bit rate, file, size etc. This application is quite multipurpose. You can extract audio, videos and convert them to mp3. This is a perfect app offering basic editing techniques that your smart phone will not offer. This app is considered the best video editing apps for androidDownload from PlayStore.

VidTrim - Video Editor

2. KineMaster – ProVideo Editor:

This is a high quality editor and it offers themes and background music. This app also offers various scene transitions. KineMaster also supports standard audio, media sources, video and image formats. The user interface of this app is quite easy and anyone can easily understand it. This app is free and has a pro version as well. Download this app for a high quality way of editing videos. KineMaster falls second in the list of best video editing apps for android 2015Download from PlayStore.

KineMaster – Pro Video Editor

3. AndroVid Video Editor:

This app is unique and provides a platform creating and sharing videos. The interface of androvid is quite easy to understand. You can choose a video from the gallery and you can also make a video from the app and once you are done shooting it you hit the check mark like the one on instagram and you can start editing. The best feature of this app is that you can directly share your videos on instagram. Androvid comes third in the category of best video editing apps for android 2015. Download from PlayStore.AndroVid Video Editor

4. VideoShow – Video Editor and Maker:

This application allows you to shoot different videos from your phone and you can also use a personal video file and then start editing by clicking on the different tools available on your screen. You can also add various stickers to your videos and include a lot of new and diverse themes. Video Maker Pro is free video editing software. A time line based editing screen is a very eye catching feature of this app. This app offers some amazing features such split video file into two different video files. Moreover it also offers video clip trimming. This app is quite wonderful go for it if you want something amazing and that too for free. Download from PlayStore.

VideoShow - Video Editor &Maker

5. Video Maker Pro Free:

This app offers timeline based editing screen. This app lets you create videos from the photos on your camera roll. You can add sound tracks, apply effects, change colors and you can also change the videos quality. The interface of this app is quite easy. This app also adds watermark to the videos after you are done editing them. Video maker pro free is a pro app and that too for free. Download from PlayStore.

Video Maker Pro Free


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