Those thrilling boys and lads that have a mind of a space warrior, famed tomb raider, mystical warrior and more, these top five Android Action Games will give you a strong adrenaline rush. This month of April 2015 has featured and given birth to new popular genres of games that have arrived with AAA-visuals and gameplay. In this round up we will be checking out some New Android action Games of April 2015. Are you ready for the action?

1. Implosion – Never Lose Hope: Download

This gameplay is inspired of The God of War and Devil May Cry. The fans of both the franchise are going to be more dramatic and motivated by this game. Among the top 5 Android Action games, you are going to find this game really full of actions and powerful stuff. Be more like a heroic human and smash everything with the combos and advancements that this game offers. You are going to give your opponents a very tough time because the player that you are going to play with is a hacking machine. Download this amazing Android Action Game, NOW!

2. Tomb Raider 1: Download

Its older version was first released in 1996 and it was a great hack effect over action/adventure games. Today when there are lot of advancements and progress in the fields of games and android technology, still we feel nostalgic about the games that we played in early 90’s.  Present in this game are amazing stages, some tough time puzzles and levels that are motivating and thrilling. Among the top 5 Android Action Games of 2015, this game is tempting.2. Tomb Raider 1

3. Marvel Mighty Heroes: Download

Spider-man, Thor and Hulk make up tie in this action game. Those who are the comic book fans and know their opponents like Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Star-Lord and more, they are going to put their heads down to run this game on their phones. Live your dreams; the Marvel Hero dreams. This fast and energetic game play with tactical mechanics are what will keep you connected and addicted. Stop those furious enemies of Marvel heroes with this game Marvel Mighty Heroes installed in your phone. These new 5 Android Action Games of 2015, want you to get ready to kick off the furious enemies.

4. Taichi Panda: Download

Among the top 5 Android Action Games, this game is probably known as the best. You will have to fight out your battles in a 3D world. Goblins, Pandas and Bandits are going to make the happenings more stimulating.  You are, in this game, the controller of 4 different avatars. Fans of Diablo and Baldur’s Gate will certainly enjoy the content offered here. Real-time multiplayer is offered in co-op and PvP fields, which adds on more content to the grand adventure featured in Taichi Panda.

5. Frontline Commando: WW2: Download

This game lets you live into the scenario of World War 2 in reality. Your role is of a soldier that belongs to Allied Forces and who is going to carry out the mission during German campaign. Your gadgets would be guns; the huge ones, cut down primary and secondary targets will be your mission and destroying vehicles that come along your way. Best thing that you will see in these new Android Action Games of 2015 is graphics.

So what are you thinking of? Go for the one that attracts you the most and download it. Play on! Share your comments below.


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