This all new HTC One M9 is an amazing phone. Its ruggedly built but still looks very elegant. HTC One M9 has a top grade screen protector that helps in making sure that you do not end up having a broken screen. There are lots of screen protector options out there for HTC One M9 that will protect your smartphone’s screen in the best possible way.

We have a list amazing screen protectors for you in this round up Here are the 5 best HTC One M9 screen protectors you to buy in 2015.

1. BOMEA HTC One M9 Screen protector:

This screen protector is made from tampered glass allowing high class protection to your HTC One M9 all at once. It is more durable than a plastic screen protector. The BOMEA screen protectors are heated to increase its durability. There are several very nice features of this phone that you will not want to miss out on. The new protector for HTC One M9 is designed to minimize the display darkening. It is available for about 6.96$.

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2. REDShield HTC One M9 Screen Protector:

This screen protector offers five layers of screen protection. This screen protector for HTC One M9 has a set of four film screen protectors is a good choice for people who like to change their screen protectors frequently. There’s bottom layer of silicone-based adhesive, topped with a layer that provides shock dispersion. On top of that, there’s a layer that helps keep your screen looking clear. Layers for anti-scratch protection and self-cleaning finish off the design. That’s a lot of layers, but the whole REDShield HTC One M9 screen protector is just .2mm thick.

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3. VENA vShield Ultra Clear HD HTC One M9 Screen Protector:

This screen protector is designed to provide optimum quality of the picture. This offers a tough layer of protection for your HTC One M9. It also helps prevent rainbow effect. This screen protector for One M9 has a hardness rating of 3H.

The HD screen protector’s ships in a pack of three it is amazing for sharing with friends and family or just replacing your screen protectors on a regular basis. In the pack you will find a cleaning cloth, sticker to remove dust, and a screen protector. This set also a smoothing card and installation instructions so that you are perfectly able to install it.

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4. MPERO Ultra Clear HTC One M9 Screen Protector:

This screen protector should be selected for your HTC One M9 if you are low on cash or you just want a good thing in a low price. It is available in a pack of five. However with a low price it also has non adhesive backing and it comes with a cleaning cloth to ensure your install goes off without a hitch. These minimize the appearance of finger prints that usually appear on a phone. You have a responsive surface for writing emails and for playing games.

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5. Spigen Full HD Crystal HTC One M9 Screen Protector:

Spigen has some really amazing cases for the HTC One M9 and has excellent screen protectors for the same device. Precise cutouts ensure that this screen protector does not prevent excellent touch screen experience. These screen protectors for HTC One M9 have always been praised for their amazing and easy installation process and also for their residue free design.

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