Keeping your body in shape can be a tough task but since the world has become so technologically advanced world you can now keep your body in shape with all the android apps that you can find. These Calorie-Counter Android apps allow you to monitor your diet schedules in the best way possible. The best way to monitor your diet is to count calories. There is an app for everything why not a calorie monitor? In this round up we will mention a list of Android apps to control your calories.

1. Lose it! Download

Setting this app up is quite easy, you just have to enter your weight, height and target weight. Then all day long just keep on entering the food items that you are consuming. All of the calories will be calculated in a graph form on the home screen. It displays a graph for the week and for the day as well. You can analyze how your diet is going. People opt for group work out classes so that they are never de motivated to work out and loose calories this app does the same you can connect with your facebook friends and see how they are doing.1. Lose It!

2. My Fitness Pal: Download

It focuses on food and exercise. It is an excellent work out tool. You just have to enter all your information and you just have to choose whether you want to gain or lose the weight or you just have to maintain your weight. This Calorie-Counter app is not only responsible for counting calories it also allows you to calculate your physical activity of that day. You can also message your friends through the social media connectivity.2. MyFitnessPal

3. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker: Download

Tracking down almost everything that you are eating can be a tough job that is where this app can help you. It has a brilliant aviation feature and you just need to say the name of your meal and it will calculate the calories of that meal. This app also has a barcode scanner so you can find out the nutrition facts of the packaged foods. This Calorie-Counter app is great and also analyzes who close you are to your targeted goal.3. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

4. Fooducate: Download

Fooducate is a perfect app for people with nutrition nerds. You can scan and search for packaged foods and get a complete breakdown of their nutritional value. It not only tells you how many calories you have consumed but some amounts of fats as well. If you do not have a bar code for the product you can just enter its name in the data base. One of the best parts about this app is that you can search for certain allergies found in products like gluten or nuts.4. Fooducate

5. My Diet Diary: Download

This app is beautiful. The menus of this app are easy to navigate and the background of the main menu is a good sail boat. This app also keeps a record of how many glasses of water you are consuming daily. This app is a great calorie counter.5. My Diet Diary


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