My personal favorite thing about android is how amazingly customizable this smartphone is but you do not have to go forward and start installing themes, you may end up getting in deep trouble by installing the themes. Just go for sensational wallpaper and you will enjoy your android experience anyway. In this round up we have a list of android wallpaper apps of 2016 that will make your phone look great.

1. 500 Firepaper – Download

If you have not heard of 500px, it is a website where photographers post their photographs with this app you can use their work on your phone. One of the most interesting aspect of this android app is the fact that you will see how images keep on changing quite often. You simply just have to choose the genre. To access the qualities of this amazing wall paper just change the back ground of your phone and you can set the options of background to change every time you unlock your phone and whenever you touch your screen three times in a row the background image will change you just have to make sure your internal space storage does not run out.500 Firepaper - Android Wallpaper app

2. Wallmax – Download

This android wallpaper app comes under the category of android free wallpaper apps. This is considering the best wallpaper app for android. It has low numbers of downloads and has some of the most gorgeous looking wallpapers. I will not say it is the smoothest app but it sure as hell has all the galore you might be looking for. This best wallpaper app for android will sure let you enjoy your home screen.Wallmax - Android Wallpaper app

3. Zedge: Android free Wallpaper app – Download

This android wallpaper app offers wallpapers and themes moreover you get access to all the amazing themes, ringtones and notification sounds as well. The wallpaper collection is dynamic and you can access amazing wallpapers on your phone and set them as your wallpaper. I am quite sure you will definitely enjoy this android wallpaper app.Zedge - Android Wallpaper app

4. Waterfall Live Wallpaper – Download

There has been a downfall in the number of waterfall wallpapers in the Google store just to boost up your appetite we have featured only the ones we thought were the best. It has amazing imager, and it is stable beyond your imagination. This best android wallpaper app will surely give you great wallpaper.Waterfall Live Wallpaper - Android Wallpaper app

5. Backgrounds HD Wallpapers – Download

This is a free android wallpaper app but it has wallpapers for android users made by artists globally. It has about 7000 high quality wallpapers to customize your android. You can crop and set wallpapers to fit your screen. You can even share them on your social networks and you can even submit your own backgrounds so that other people can take a look and admire them.Backgrounds HD Wallpapers 50M+ - Android Wallpaper app

6. Cool Wallpapers HD – Download

This amazing android wallpaper app has all the things you might be looking it. Browsing the large gallery may sometimes be really hard but you can simply start off by searching a category or a keyword. You can also share amazing wallpapers via email or any social networking website.Cool Wallpapers HD - Android Wallpaper app

7. Muzei Live Wallpaper – Download

If you are arty at heart you will surely enjoy the amazing wallpapers this app has to offer. This live wallpaper app refreshes your screen with some amazing and famous artwork from all around the world and lets you enjoy them.Muzei Live Wallpaper - Android Wallpaper app

8. Premium Wallpapers – Download

This is another very large repository of wallpapers having more than 10,000 wallpapers in high definition quality. It is a great apps and the images this app has are all quite amazing.Premium Wallpapers HD - Android Wallpaper app

9. Shake them all 2 – Download

This wallpaper app is a lot of fun it features physics engine and tumbling androids that are apparently reacting to shakes, touches and sound. We would love to imagine them as real people. This is a nice app and will definitely give you a good feel.Shake Them All! Live 2 Wallpaper - Android Wallpaper app

10. Transparent Screen – Download

This is not just wallpaper but it related to the wallpaper genre. This wallpaper app for android makes your screen clear and transparent by displaying what your phone camera sees. If you are a person who gets so involved in their phone that you do not notice the world around you then this android app is a must have it gives you a view of what your camera sees. Quite innovative? Isn’t it?Transparent Screen - Android Wallpaper app

11. Whatsapp Wallpapers – Download

Whatsapp has a pretty fine collection of wallpapers to spice up your conversation. They are nice and unobtrusive and you will definitely enjoy them.Whatsapp Wallpapers - Android Wallpaper app



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