I am using Motorola Moto G 2013 First generation and finally I got an Android Lollipop 5.0 update notification which I was waiting for. It Actually came in the end of previous month but I thought to check it out deeply and after that post a Review about how Android Lollipop Runs on Moto G First gen. and all that.

So here is my review of My Moto G 2013 XT 1033 Indian variant (if that really matters) Running Android Lollipop 5.0 Via Official OTA.

Initial Problems after Upgrading to Android lollipop 5.0.2:

Review Android Lollipop 5.0 on Motorola moto G 2013 XT 1033

Well, Lets talk about what problems I faced when i upgraded my Moto G to Android 5.0.2. First, it was bit sluggish, slow, so I Performed following Steps to make it faster:

  1. I was Using too many apps while using kitkat and when i upgraded to Lollipop the performance of my device got slow. So I uninstalled few of unwanted apps, which I wasn’t using.
  2. I Cleared the Cache partition of my device, for confirmation I actually Performed this step 3 times.
  3. I individually cleared the cache of each social and other Important apps using Application menu in settings.

Few things I got Wrong in lollipop and paid a big price:

First, I am new to Android lollipop 5.0 and I was confused how to use notifications on lock screen as previously that feature wasn’t available. So I turned them all OFF, totally “Do Not Display Notifications” and I regretted later. Strange thing happened to me due to turning notifications off from lock screen is that the screen of my device was not lighting up whenever I got any call.

That was something I didn’t saw coming and I searched for this bug but I wasn’t able to find the solution. Another strange thing was that, when I switched to any guest account Screen lit up upon getting any call but when I switched back everything was same, No lights while getting calls.

Disappointed I thought to reset the device and that was a mistake I made because before performing a Hard reset I had to backup all the important data I was having on my device and after resetting the device I had to set it up, Email accounts, Social profiles, installing all apps again, it was pain in the a$$. But I did it anyways to see if screen lights up upon getting a call or not and I was disappointed to see it didn’t.

Turning on or off the notifications while device is locked in lollipop

After that I planned to go through all the settings again and find if I was able to get it fixed. When I reached “Sound & Notification” I saw the option “When Device is locked” under “notification” and the option “Don’t show notifications at all” was selected. I thought to give it a try and changed it to “Show all notification content”, tried again and Boom, everything was working fine, against my expectations.

Never Reset your device if you are facing a small bug after Upgrading to Android Lollipop 5.0. Always try to find it online, Resetting the Device take way too much effort.

 How is the performance, Any lags while Running Android Lollipop on Moto G?

No, no lags so far, just make sure to clear cache partition after updating the Software of your device. Smooth experience so far, i’ve seen few people complaining about lags and memory leakage but I think Google fixed these bugs in update 5.0.2, I just got directly to latest version so I never experienced anything like that.

Best thing about Android lollipop is that it improved the battery timing of my Moto G by 20-30%. Previously I used my device and it would go below 15% before even the day ended (because I used much of 3G and Social media) but now I can use it as long as I can with same usage and battery timing is extended for about 3-4 hours.

How is the Material Design?

Notifications bar and settings toggle in Android lollipop on Motorola Moto G XT 1033

The design, Look and feel of material design is awesome, if we compare it with kitkat, its a HUGE improvement in the interface. I’ve seen many other high-end devices like HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 and I am sorry to say their bloatware and UI changes ruined the real fun which you can only have in stock Android.

The Lollipop Interface - App Drawer and Home Screen on Moto G First generation

One thing which was different was when I updated my Moto G to lollipop its interface was same as kitkat (most of it) and NOT like the interface shown in review videos I have seen on youtube. So, I did little research and figured it out that, the interface shown in videos is of the Google Now launcher and not originally of Lollipop. So I installed the launcher and boom, I got exactly the same interface I saw in videos, the look and feel of home screen and App drawer changed, you know the rest.

Multitasking on Moto G after upgrading to Android lollipop:

Multitasking on Moto G after upgrading to Android lollipop

Well, when I first bought Moto G, it came with kitkat and its multitasking was a nightmare. if I switched to some other application and again switch back, 80% of the times that application would restart. Now when i upgraded to lollipop I noticed a HUGE difference in multitasking, no restarting apps, Better multitasking.

If you got any questions regarding Android Lollipop on Motorola Moto G XT 1033 or if I missed something you wanna know?, feel free to ask in comments, I would love to answer them.


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