Some amazing android racing games will be released this year to give you a leisure time on your smartphone. These new android racing games are worth your time especially if you really are a racing games person. In this round up we will give you a list of the best android racing games that you must play.

1. Fast & Furious 7: Legacy – Download

This game is a must inclusion in the list of android racing games. Particularly this new android racing game will have you addicted to it. Since the movie has been released and if you have a thing for the fast series you will definitely enjoy this racing game. This game has made it our list of best android racing games because of its beautifully designed cars and all those fun missions that will keep you attached to this game all day long. This game features a couple of pumping race types and lap racing moreover you can also go for drag races and much more.Fast & Furious - Legacy for Android

2. Racing Fever – Download

Android racing games are usually very cool and racing fever is definitely one of them. It has some pretty good visuals and a fun game play. You have three cameras to use and speed up your vehicle. You have all the sweet rides to enjoy. This year some a lot of new android racing games have been released but this game is worth spending your time on. I absolutely love this racing game it makes me go all haywire for it.Racing Fever for Android

3. Police Car Chase 3D – Download

Android racing games usually put hardcore gamers off. This is a new edition in this year’s new android racing games. This game puts you under a police officer and you have to ride the car. You will have to let your fingers aid you. This is definitely among the best racing games to be released in 2015. You get to play in a different environment and I am sure you will love it. Go for it is a must play.Police Car Chase 3D

4. Cartoon Racing – Download

This is the kind of racing game that once you download it you will see you and your friends spending hours on this game. The dynamic collection of cars that you get to control give you a challenging yet an entertaining time. This game has bright visuals. The jumps and stages are the fun part of this game. You will have so much fun you have no idea what this amazing android game offers. Download this game and have an amazing time playing this game.Cartoon Racing

5. Crime Race Car Drivers 3D – Download

This mobile action racer is an amazing one. It lets you walk around the open world hop into your customized and chose cars and you have to go through missions just like grand theft auto. Sometimes you will have to chase one rival and there will be times when you will have to bump into several of them. As they say all is well that ends well this game may irritate you but it will irritate you in a good way. Download this new android game and have an amazing time playing it.Crime race car drivers 3D


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