In April a lot of amazing games came out. This round up is dedicated to the best puzzle games that were released in the last month. These best android puzzle games give you a hard yet a fun time. These new puzzle games for android are worth playing and definitely give you a whole new puzzle gaming experience. If you are looking for best android puzzle games then you have landed at the right place. Here are some of the few new puzzle games for android.

1. Angry Bird Stella POP!

This tops our list of the best android puzzle games. A new addition in the list of new puzzle games for android. It has amazing features accompanied by smashing pig activities. This android puzzle game brings its fellows to a fun shooter puzzler. You will have to target the large bubble combos that match each other. You can use your players special abilities to get some huge score smudge. There are plenty of stages in this game so you will have a long time addiction and affiliation with this game.

2. Blockwick 2:

This game has a simple concept. Each level has a wide array of blocks that are different in colors. You have to match these blocks by proper color deviations. This game can get quite tiring as you will come across large blocks that are tangled with each other. You will also encounter caterpillar blocks and sticky blocks. It is a great for hardcore gamers.

3. Warhammer: Snotling Fling

With this game you will hop in to a dynamic empire with a great army and some ugly looking goblins. This is prepared to enhance your war strategies. It has 60 levels and you will have to level the buildings of the empire and various other structures by chucking snotlings. The 3D like graphics of this game is quite brilliant. This game definitely takes a good place in our list of best android puzzle games.

4. Plumber Mole:

This game gives you a task of brining oxygen and water to the adorable moles living underground. Each of the stage orders you to exchange a decent amount of pipes so that you are able to transfer water through the funnel. You can grab extra points by letting that water flow within the golden stars. This is a delightful game allowing you to have a great and engaging time.

5. Home: Boov Pop!

This new android puzzle game is more like a bubble shooter and it is affiliated with an animated film called Home. You will have to pull off similar activities as you would in a puzzle game. This game belongs more or less to the same genre as the rest of the above mentioned games do. The layout of this game has many stages and they differ from other bubble puzzler, which means you will have to change your methodology if you want to be successful. The major fun part of this game is not to be missed out, this android puzzle game is high in the mobile game section.

These are some of the new android puzzle games. No doubt they are all the best android puzzle games and you will definitely have a great time playing each of the above mentioned game especially if you are into puzzle games. Download the games and let us know in the comment section below. You can also write about your experience with these games.


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