We all want to save ourselves from the hair pulling torture of having a messed up keyboard. Keyboards are adequate. Without a good keyboard communicating through a smartphone can become a real torture instead of becoming a real bliss for you. There are various keyboards each of them has its own feature. In this round up we have a list of the best keyboard apps for android of 2016. The best keyboard app for android is amazing and you must have them if you want to have a great smartphone experience.

1. SwiftKey Keyboard+Emoji: Download

One of the best keyboard apps for android is swiftkey. This keyboard app is amazing and is even better than the previously installed keyboards on android. For years, SwiftKey soared above google’s already included keyboard they now come preinstalled on many of the tablets and phone. This best keyboard app for android was previously used to be a paid but it went free last year. You must download this keyboard app and enjoy it’s amazing features.SwiftKey - Keyboard for Android+emoji

2. Swype: Download

This application is feature rich keyboard. This best keyboard app for android allows you swipe out words or even the whole sentences. It also supports typing in two languages at once. This is great app for bilingual users. Swype has about two versions one is free and the other one is paid. It has various other accessibility features as well such as talkback and explore by touch which makes this keyboard app an amazing one.Swype Free for Android

3. Google Keyboard: Download

This keyboard is absolutely free and supports some of the amazing features such as gesture typing in bounty of languages and a good choice of themes. The google keyboard allows google’s own text to speech engine that allows voice recognition. Google’s keyboard has a little way to go on the text prediction but it does learn from your typed data across google’s apps and services.Google Keyboard for Android

4. Fleksy: Download

Fleksy is an amazing keyboard app for android that exudes class with its minimalist styling and has some really artsy themes. You can get a frozen themed keyboard as well. Fleksy is a very inexpensive keyboard and offers great variety of features in an amazing price. It has a lot of options beyond traditional customization options such as a fifth row for numbers and support for better layouts than the mainstream qwerty keyboard. This keyboard also has some extensions. Go for this keyboard if you want a premium keyboard.Fleksy Keyboard Free

5. TouchPal: Download

This Android keyboard app is lesser recognized keyboard out there and it has a few useful features that really helped. This keyboard app really stands out among the crowd of mainstream keyboard apps for android. This is a free keyboard but has a paid theme store. The most amazing feature of TouchPal is some of the brand new things it has introduced such as the dialogue between the beta community and the developers, swiping the space bar to access emoji’s, swiping backspace to delete the last word. This keyboard supports emojis and some of the new emoji emoticons and art.TouchPal -Emoji Keyboard&Theme


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