Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 problems have made a frustration for the technical organization. The new Galaxy S8 smartphone is most likely going to be launched in Feb 2016, and New Samsung will have to seriously up its activity if it wants to create up for the actual firestorm that was the Note 7.

It seems like New Samsung has a few new techniques up its sleeve, though, if the newest gossips are to be considered.

1. No Home Button

According to Android Authority, the gossip that Samsung is getting rid of the house key may have some purchase.

Samsung is among the last few cellphone producers still holding to the house key, so it would appear sensible for them to fall it. Plus, Android Authority reviews, it seems like the Apple company may be making the key behind entirely as well — and Samsung does love one-upping Apple company.galaxy-s8-no-home-button

As for the fingerprint scanner the key homes, Samsung will have to find somewhere else to put it. It doesn’t seem, for now, like the technical massive will be looking for a scanning device on the back of the device (like Google’s Nexus and Pixel mobile phones. Android Authority believes that with recent improvements to finger marks scanning device technology, it may be located under the glass where the house key would normally live. The new included readers would remove any need for Samsung to keep the house key in existence.

2. “Full-Screen Display”

Without a Home key, Samsung can get rid of a lot of vacant area on the end frame of the device. This would allow the monitor dimension to enhance without the device increasing, to prevent problems like those about the Pixel and Pixel XL, reviews Android Authority.galaxy-s8-full-screen

The gossip is that Samsung would be all but getting rid of the top and base bezels, with the part bezels already being quite little. The display would protect as much of the device as possible, with the additional reward that all sides of the device may be rounded. This gossip first appeared for the S7, but didn’t convert out to be real. Samsung may have been preserving it for the Galaxy S8, so the display may be rounded on the top, base and ends rather than only the sides.

3. Powerful Specs, Possibly for VR

Samsung is beefing up the Galaxy S8 with the newest Snapdragon and Exynos snacks, which isn’t really a shock according to Android operating system Power.

The devices may also get a RAM update, says Mashable, and the Galaxy S8’s design processor will be 1.8x quicker than the one in the S7. The Mali-G71 design processor is the most highly effective available, according to

Samsung has attired the mobile phones with a VR-ready 4K show to go along with the design processor, creating VR even more in-depth and genuine, Mashable reviews.

With Samsung’s Gear VR headsets, the organization already has a bit of a grip in the VR universe. The platform is inching toward the popular with the discharge of PS3 VR this Oct, and Samsung’s S8 may be developed with VR in thoughts.

4. Viv Will be Replacing S Voice

Samsung’s latest getting Viv Laboratories allows Samsung to have its very own AI.

Viv Laboratories were actually established by Siri’s co-creators: Dag Kittlaus, Adam Cheyer and Frank Brigham. They remaining Apple company in after it obtained Siri and began Viv this year, according to TechCrunch.gettyimages-529691842

Samsung’s present voice-activated associate, S Speech, isn’t up to par with Apple’s Siri or Google’s Assistant, Sam Mobile says, and Viv may add another much-needed advantage to Samsung’s devices. Though we don’t know for sure whether Viv can create an overall look so soon after it was obtained, it would complete Samsung’s AI-less gap well.

5. Dual Cameras

Mashable, The Tech Times, and Android Authority, among others, have all revealed that Samsung’s S8 device will indeed include double cameras.dual-camera-galaxy-s8

The company recently registered certain that indicate double cameras are a go for the Galaxy S8, and there’s not much reason to doubt the gossip, indicates Android Authority. Samsung prefers to keep up with its competition, and LG, Apple and Huawei all put double back cameras on their recent cell phones.