It is fair to say that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is an exceptionally odd gadget. It does not have the S Pen and the various Note accessories yet it’s almost the similar size compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It’s basically a bigger edition of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus review

There exists no specific or a decent way to accept the Edge+ looks wonderful. Samsung’s tremendously enhanced glass and metal configuration looks generally as incredible on the Edge+ just as it does on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note 5. The bended presentation takes it to the next level.
Tragically, holding the gadget in your hand is the place the configuration drops from great to awful in a handful of time. The bended design although makes sharp edges but makes it extremely uncomfortable and awkward to hold. This was an issue with the first Galaxy S6 Edge also, yet since the telephone is greater it’s far more detestable.
At the point when a gadget is made of glass you’re in consistent fear of dropping it. Well a ray of hope is that the new case can enhance the gripping and comfort to a new level. The gadget is additionally exceptionally elusive. Glass on the front and back look truly cool, yet they make it really hard to grasp the phone.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus display

Edge+’s screen or LED is 5.7-inches of magnificence. At 518 ppi you still can’t see any pixels however; Samsung didn’t change their initial 2560×1440 resolution from the previous and smaller S6 Edge. Super AMOLED screens and displays releases energetic and rich colours coupled with profound blacks. The settings can be tinkered from the display setting options if you are inclined towards less rich colours.
Auto-brightness settings are a general problem we come across in Samsung devices. It never appears to work entirely and as well as we would like to see. Even in the dark surroundings we do notice that displays are in the upper end.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus hardware

The specs are almost indistinguishable from the original S6 Edge expect for the two major changes in a 3,000 mAh battery coupled with the 4GB of RAM. The same Exynos Octa-center processor is incorporated by the Edge+, similar cameras, display and sensors (heart and fingerprint).
Samsung’s Exynos processor stays to be one of the speediest available and the extra ram boosts up the multitasking. The only main concern is the manner by which it is going to age. The first S6 Edge began backing off following a couple of months of utilization.

As you may anticipate from a major gadget with a major battery, the battery life is exceptionally enhanced (12-15 hours on a single charge). You can utilize the Fast Charging link to get up to half charge in less than 30 minutes. Similarly you can utilize fastest Wireless Charging to achieve the best charge in under a couple of hours.

Just as the Note 5, the Edge+ has the same poor speaker plan. Samsung gives you one little speaker compared to the most producers who are providing you with double front-confronting stereo speakers. It’s unimaginably simple to hinder with your hand.
Not to forget that the Edge+ doesn’t incorporate an IR blaster as S6 Edge does. Numerous ways can be used to cure missing components like a SD card opening or removing the battery, yet an IR blaster is something you can’t supplant.

Edge Screen:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus edge

The principle elements of the Edge screen rotate around something many refer to as “Individuals edge.” You can see your five most loved contacts just by swiping the Edge screen handle. People edge can be utilized to contact your companions as a fast approach. Just as when you receive a notification from one of these loveable contacts, it will demonstrate a shaded tab on the Edge screen. You can swipe on the tab to see subtle elements and make a move.

When the cell phone is upside down, the Edge screen can light up the display, demonstrate a little time on the edge around evening time, alternate routes to your five most loved applications or show a ticker of data with a signal.

People or Individual Edge is awesome if you utilize Samsung’s dialler, stock, SMS, and email applications. Not many people may utilize it but the Edge screen components are perfect.


samsung galaxy s6 edge plus camera

We have applauded this camera previously, and it is still the best available and it’s just as great as the other phone sets like S6 Edge, Note 5 and Galaxy S6.
The back camera (16MP) utilizes a Sony IMX240 sensor that has an optical picture stabilization or f/1.9 aperture. The front camera is a good 5MP. Photographs look just staggering, in about each condition. Samsung has truly made an awesome showing with their cameras lately.


galaxy s6 edge plus os and software

Software or Operating system has really not been Samsung’s cup of tea. Previous years the product has been heavy, slow, and very over programmed. Thankfully, they’ve conditioned it down a great deal in TouchWiz. The operating system of Edge+ is moderately smooth and non-hostile. Samsung cut out a considerable measure of needless features to get it along these lines.

Although TouchWiz still consists of some irritating things like the inability to put the Settings into a standard rundown on in case that you don’t care for the tabs. They uprooted some valuable alternatives to tidy things up like the application drawer not consequently arranging applications; however the bloat ware should’ve been eradicated. One of the first things you’ll need to do is uninstall/handicap a group of pre-introduced applications.


Samsung has made the S Pen on the Note have a craving for something you have to utilize. It’s not only a trick. The same can’t be said for the Edge screen just yet. It can be extremely valuable; however it can likewise be exceptionally futile.
What the Edge screen does really brilliant enhance the look of the phone. Edge+ without a doubt is one of the hottest gadgets you can purchase from the market at this moment. It’s not only a design proclamation because you’re likewise getting a wonderful look overall, extraordinary execution and probably the best camera in the market.
There’s nothing else like this available so there are no chances of you having a poor experience.

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