Greatly awaited Samsung Galaxy S7 has still half a year to its launch however as expected, its leaks and rumors have effectively begun to surface the web. In the relatively recent past, a rundown of Samsung S7’s equipment specs had been found on the Geek bench benchmark database.

Geekbench’s claimed phone had 4GB RAM coupled with LTE labels. But, another leak suggests that the phone demonstrates the gadget code named “Project Lucky” that comprises of a 3GB RAM. Additionally, the LTE label seems, by all accounts, to be erased. This may propose that the technology titan might be anticipating launching the two variations of the gadget as already witnessed with Galaxy S5 with fever RAM when it was first contrasted with Note 3 released later.

So we have so far discovered about two distinct models obviously. One showed up as Project Lucky LTE, that includes a mammoth 4GB RAM while the other one is Project Lucky, the one without LTE that conveying a lesser 3GB RAM.

Leaks likewise propose the new models accompanying two different screen sizes which are 5.2 inch and 5.7 inches respectively. This additionally flags towards the two distinct adaptations being presented while both are being processed by the powerful Exynos Mongoose 8890.

As for now when the gadget’s launch still has about 6 months to go, it is not possible to propose what Samsung is trying to accomplish. Expectations regarding Galaxy S7 are that it may accompany a variation incorporating a Snapdragon 820 coupled with an “all lens cover” which might consist of a camera lens as high as 20MP. But it is additionally believed that Samsung will present a MicroSD space and extendable memory choice.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Carry Dual Camera: February launch:

In the event that the reports from the Korean media are to be trusted, we have discovered the missing bits of the riddle that completely present the picture of the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 while a great deal of data about the cell phone including its elements and particulars have already been uncovered.

It is being stated that Samsung Galaxy S7 is under genuine experimentation and testing for double camera in view of the idea of HTC One M8. One camera will catch the photograph while the other will concentrate on profundity, focus, depth and different parts of the photograph in this double camera concept.

Forthcoming cell phone is anticipated to have a 5.7 inches show which is much bigger than the Galaxy S6 with a display size of 5.1 inches including the double camera system examined previously. Galaxy S7 can be launched in two size variations with like its predecessor and another one with bigger LED, as indicated by a second source. It can be said that the gadget may have followed the path of Note 5 which got a positive reaction for the expansive display screen idea.s7-project-lucky-1024x641

Source: GeekBench