A great bundle of mobile games have been launched on google play store for April 2015. They all belong to the strategy genre and are quite amazing. We have taken the time to play around with the bunch of the new android strategy games. They literally test your intelligence in the best way possible. We have a list of top 5 best android strategy games for you released this April 2015.

1. Arcanox: Cards vs. Castle

As you may have guessed from the name this game is quite amazing and involves using your brain and creating a strategy. This is a very cool hybrid strategy game has two of the best elements that amalgamate together tower defense and card battling. Players will be tasked to collect 300 cards that put magical spells and minions on your side. You will also have to build a magic castle of your own and make sure the defense is powerful. This game is highly addictive and it is a colorful amalgamation of great game play and visual pleasures.

DownloadArcanox Cards vs. Castles

2. Space Bounties Inc.

Space bounties literally take you into the future some 20 decades ahead when there are plenty of dangers in the world. You will have to rely on space mercenaries to handle the game. It is an amazing mobile strategy that combines 8-bit graphics with a very tight game play. You will have to run yourself through a bundle of dungeons and put together a team from 132 characters. This strategy game has a wealth of content and a fun battle system making this strategy game extremely hard to ignore.

DownloadSpace Bounties Inc.

3. Westbound: Gold rush

Keeping a boomtown alive is quite a hardwork. This comes third in our list of the best android strategy games. You have to keep your community of gold hunters happy and you have to make your town profitable as well. In the video form dealing with this sort of game is amazing. It gives you all the tools necessary to build your own boom town. You will have to dig up gold and solve all the mysteries on your way. Android strategy games are the best to invest your brains tropics on. It also feels good to be the leader of your own town and just be bathed in gold and treasure.

DownloadWestbound Gold Rush

4. King of Thieves:

King of thieves comes 4th in our list of best android strategy games. This game is a great platformer. This is a very solid strategy game. Your little block has to run around dangerous dungeons and avoid all the enemies on your ways and all the traps as well. When the tables are upside down you will have to fill up your player to pass through the dungeons. Both sides of this amazing are fun to play and they combine to create an amazing mobile title.

DownloadKing of Thieves

5. Pharaoh’s War

Egypt is a topic that we may have researched and studied countless number of times. Getting the chance to venture into this glamorous era is an amazing experience. Pharaoh’s war provides you with an amazing opportunity to construct your own empire of amazingness with all the strategies you have ever known. You will have to increase your resources and also armed forces and build a great grand Egyptian empire like the one you have read about in your history books. The multiplayer alliances will push you to bring your friends into this addictive strategy game.

DownloadPharaoh’s War