There are some of the best android racing games out there. In this round up we have the best android racing games created for android. The list includes both the paid and free games. You will definitely enjoy these games. Racing games are fun to play and definitely worth spending a dime. You cannot call yourself a racing game lover if you really haven’t tried the games we have listed below. Here are the 10 best racing games for android 2016.

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne: Download

This racing game is an amazing one that amalgamates addictive graphics and realistic game play. There is an awesome damage system you can take your car through amazing environments such as Iceland and Nevada desert.

This game also has customizable controls and amazing sound tracks. If you want a racing game that will get your heart beating then you should play asphalt 8 airborne. This is a game you could feel confident about. Go on and download this game and make sure you enjoy yourself with the amazing gaming experience that this game offers.

Asphalt 8 AirbornePros:

  1. Licensed cars.
  2. A lot of cars to choose from.
  3. High performance cars.
  4. Amazing graphics.
  5. You get to race through exotic ladies
  6. 8 seasons and 180 events.


  1. The winnings system is not good.
  2. There are various Wi-Fi issues.
  3. Some cars demand real money.
  4. Physics of this game are exaggerated.
  5. It will not appeal to people who like fantasy.

2. Unpossible: Download

This amazing racing game is quite stressful yet amazing. It has a cruise mode allowing amazing gaming experience. This racing game is fabulous and it is quite futuristic. This game is a must play. Go for this amazing game and enjoy your time.


  1. It challenges your memory.
  2. Challenges your reflexes.
  3. Has a great replay value.
  4. Addictive gameplay.
  5. Amazing options for external controls.


  1. Paid game.
  2. Requires Android 4.0.
  3. Visual glitches have been reported by various players.
  4. People who have motion sickness must not play this game.

3. Nitro Nation Racing: Download

Nitro nation racing is quite realistic and it involves virtual racing in a real time way. The graphics are realistic. It is a great blend of amazing gameplay. Do not miss out on this game.

Nitro Nation OnlinePros:

  1. Over 50 cars.
  2. Some of the cars have over 1000 HP.
  3. Custom decals and paint.
  4. Totally free.


  1. You cannot sell old cars.
  2. Requires internet connection.
  3. It can take a lot of time to unlock the best things.
  4. Connectivity bugs have been reported by various users.
  5. The load time is slow.

4. Shine Runner: Download

Racing game does not necessarily mean that a car has to be there. Shine runner is amazing has a sweet fan boat that you have to race through. You will have to out run the cops so that you can offload your ill-gotten gains.

Shine RunnerPros:

  1. Graphics are amazing.
  2. Good sense of humor.
  3. Environment is good.
  4. The physics of this game are amazing.
  5. Bluetooth and USB game pad are supported.


  1. It does not work on device with older version of android.
  2. Customization is quite limited.
  3. The market elements are disliked by some of the users.
  4. There are a lot of repetitive elements in this game.

5. Traffic Street Racing: Muscle:  Download

Traffic street racing is an amazing android racing game. It has hot cars, cool and realistic graphics. This racing game will appeal both the kids and the older players. This game has a dynamic day cycle. If you want to pretend that you are driving all day and into the night then this game will give you that amazing experience.

Traffic Street RacingPros:

  1. You can drive at any time of the day.
  2. The cars of this game are splendid.
  3. The physics of this game is quite realistic.
  4. There is a lot in the city that you need to explore.
  5. The environment is nice.


  1. The cockpit view of the car will not appeal to everyone.
  2. It has some bugs.
  3. There is no ghost mode.

6. Riptide GP2: Download

This game was recently updated to address a crash issue. This game is quite amazing if you like rash racing. The reason why I have included it in our list of top ten best android racing game is the fact that it is quite fabulous.

Riptide GP2Pros:

  1. It has deep upgrade options which take your ride to a completely new level.
  2. It has a support for android TV.
  3. The races are quite challenging.


  1. The game is difficult.
  2. It drains the battery.
  3. Controls could be sensitive.

7. Racing Rivals: Download

Racing rivals is an amazing game. This is the most appealing racing game ever. Racing rivals features a whole host of licensed cars from the real world.

Racing RivalsPros:

  1. Tons of real licensed cars.
  2. It has nine languages.
  3. The graphics are pretty nice.


  1. Runs on Samsung devices with android 4.
  2. It requires an internet connection.
  3. Crashes and freezes have been reported by various players.

8. Retro Future Racing: Download

The most amazing feature of this game is the retro look of the classic cars hovering in a futuristic style. This game is amazing because of its unique look. People who love classic cars will definitely love this game.

Retro Future RacingPros:

  1. The cars are classy.
  2. Looks great on tabs and smartphones.
  3. Solid replay value.


  1. Lag issues have been reported by various players.
  2. There is no tilt control.
  3. The turbo controls of this game are hard to use.

9. Drift Mania: Street Outlaws: Download

If you are a fan of fast and furious then this game is definitely worth playing. The amazing levels are set in Japan and the giant hills of San Francisco. This game has a lot of variety. It is the most intense racing game ever plus the graphics of this game are amazing.

Drift Mania Street Outlaws LEPros:

  1. HD graphics.
  2. You can customize your ride.
  3. The game play is addictive.


  1. The download is quite big.
  2. Users have reported crashes.
  3. It has 21 cars.

10. Angry Birds Go!:  Download

Angry birds Go has been updated recently. It has about 1.2 million five star rating on google play. It is a good game offering cool features.

Angry Birds Go!Pros:

  1. There are tons of races that you could master.
  2. The angry bird’s characters are cute.
  3. The cars are upgradeable.


  1. Some players have reported crash issues.
  2. Some players have also reported that progress was last after automatic updates.
  3. Additional data download is required for this game.