A bunch of amazing games have hit the android PlayStore in the month of March 2015. There are some of the most dynamic games such as the object puzzle games, cute shooters and much more. We have a list of five games that top our list of the best free android games. You will have a different experience. These best new Android games are usually gathered from different genres of games hence we cannot force a certain amount of games into this but we have a list of 5 most amazing and the best android games for you to play this season.

Best New Free Android Games of March 2015

1. Transformers: Battle Tactics

Transformers: Battle tactics tops our list of the best android games. They take the iconic bots and give them a very chibi like makeover and then they have a 4 vs 4 battle that engages the player into a whole new world of transformers. The amazing addition in this game is the fact that it allows you to construct a bunch of new bots and you put your star team together. You get to update your stats and smash your rival. Download from PlayStore.TRANSFORMERS - Battle Tactics

2. Naval Empire:

People who love working around a strategy will definitely fall for this game. This mobile release gives the players task of building a fleet of warships and you can use your fleet to rebuild your high seas. You’ll have to make an effort to balance out your resources and you can upgrade your warships. Naval Empire is definitely one of the best android games. Download from PlayStore.Naval Empire

3. Naughty Kitties:

Naughty kitties gives its users a very cute décor associated with a game that features kitties. The colorful, adorable and cute graphics are quite impressive. This game is all packed with cuteness and has the right amount of action so that the dudes can also play it. This android game has elements of tower defense and has an endless action. From the name of this game it may look like something a girl would play but it has a lot of action for the boys too. Download from PlayStore.Naughty Kitties

4. Evolve: Hunters Quest:

If you are among the list of people who have been all head over heels for candy crush then this game will surely suit you. This is a great puzzles and surprisingly fun to play. You will have hundreds of missions and you can use your hunter abilities to pass through them. You also earn points and level up your game. This game is quite interesting because of the diversity of missions it offers. Download from PlayStore.Evolve - Hunters Quest

5. Bloons: Monkey Cities

This is another very gorgeous strategy release. The buildings, shephards and the graphics are perfectly balanced for the use in this game. There are various ways through which you can construct your own city and customize it according to your taste. A perfect well maintained mixture of campaign missions. You can easily get your monkey towers together and make your city like the one everyone would want. Bloons is like a creative game and the creativity of this game makes it one of the best android game. Download from PlayStore.Bloons Monkey City