Today we have reviewed the best android action games for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Android has a list of some of the amazing action games that keep the players addicted. Action games are quite promising like they promise perfect combination of addiction. The Google play has been packed with new titles lately. The new action games include a complete pack of horror and warfare. If you need a good action packed game then we have a list of 5 best android action games for you of your new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. In this round up we will give you little details of the 5 best android action games for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

1. Five nights at Freddy’s

Five nights at freddy’s is an amazing action game. We have had the hardest time getting over our fears every time we play this game. It is one amazing game and allows you to have a great gaming experience. It is a horror game packed with a lot of action. You need to keep tabs on the animatronics that are planted within a building and you will have to make sure none of the animatronics surprise you and later kill you. This game is getting better and you have to play this action packed game Download it now.Five Nights at Freddys 3

2. Blood & glory: Immortals

This top action game is awesome with all the hack and slasher. The roman warrior theme gives off amazing game play and is definitely among the top best android action games of 2015. If you have liked playing or watching gladiator and warlock then this game is the one for you. There is a massive scope for this android action game. The fast battles are something that will keep you hooked to this game. You need to go on and Download this amazing game on your android phone if you want to give yourself an amazing gaming experience.BLOOD & GLORY IMMORTALS

3. Grudgeball-Regular show.

There have been various weird cartoons lately but grudgeball tops the list. These weird cartoons broadcasted for the young lot out there. It has endeared quite well to older crowd as well. This game is based on the adventures of Rigby and Mordecai and they come in the form of grudgeball. This custom fantasy game unravels plenty of matches and uses tons of characters from the show itself. This game is amazing and you have to throw yourself into the world of grudgeball. Download this game and enjoy.Grudgeball - Regular Show

4. Combo Queen- Action RPG

It is the type of game that is ready made for fighting game players. Your major player has to go through war and infinite array of beasts. She must finish them through use of combo heavy attacks. The fights play out like your favorite action anime and dungeons. You have to venture through high replay values. Combo queen is an amazing game and you must play it on your android. It comes 4th in our list of best android action game. Go on and Download it.Combo Queen - Action RPG

5. Zombie highway 2:

The 2nd installment of zombie highway comes with expected upgrades. You will have new game play mechanics, plenty of horrifying zombies and new vehicles. You will also have more levels to run through them. You will be tasked with hitting the open road while walking the dead. You just have to grab onto your ride. You will have to carefully maneuver around the road and clip those zombies off your car. Zombie highway 2 is a game that is not very hard to play and it is definitely included in our list of top best android action games. This game is worth playing go on and Download it.Zombie Highway 2